PRF Growth factors

PRF Growth factors

PRF is a fraction of blood rich with platelets and leukocytes, which are second-generation source of growth factors.

PRF is gained by centrifugation of patient blood in tubes without additives. PRF is clean and the final product which contains only fibrin of blood obtained from the patient.

Platelets stored in PRF are rich in growth factors. On activation of the growth factor they go out of the blood platelets (thrombocytes) and stimulate angiogenesis in the first place, ie. the formation of new blood vessels, as well as the growth of new bone in bone defects. As a result, the defect has better blood flow which improves regeneration. Growth factors also stimulates the growth of bone in the defect when it comes to, say, periodontal intervention, thus further contributing to a better effect of the therapy.

PRF is used when:

  • Augmentation of crestal bone in the jaw ¬¬ (preparation for implant placement)
  • Periodontal intervention (flap surgery)
  • During the treatment of gingival recession (gum recession) - membrane made from PRF bare necks are covered and defect is eliminated.
  • During a tooth extraction - PRF is inserted into the defect in order to minimize the loss of bone mass

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